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ECONGO - a group of climate change education, communication and outreach NGO experts set up at COP22



A New Community Launched at COP 22 to Support Capacity-building for Climate Action through Education, Communication, Outreach and Innovation



What is ECONGO?


Approved as a new special community by the UNFCCC Secretariat less than a month ago, ECONGO is a network-of-networks supporting the implementation of Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and related capacity building recommendations in the Paris Agreement. ECONGO--Education, Communication and Outreach NGOs--is made up of organizations and individuals interested in forging a broad, diverse, robust, international community and a networking and coordination platform of professionals and enthusiasts involved with developing adequate responses to climate change and related global changes.


What are its goals?


Creation of ECONGO aims to address a current gap in UNFCCC multi-stakeholder engagement provisions with regard to inclusion of climate-related education, training, public awareness and engagement experts. ECONGO will support the Secretariat’s Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) initiative, and coordinate its work with the existing nine official constituency groups and other related efforts. It will assist in informing and engaging the UNFCCC decision makers as well as public and key professionals on informed action towards the minimization of climate risks and maximization of resilience.


ECONGO mission is to clarify and amplify a shared vision for informed climate action through education, public information and engagement, training, and international collaboration and cooperation. It will strive to provide ongoing, broad communications throughout the broad climate community on capacity-building through effective education, communication and outreach, and assist in developing a knowledge base of relevant resources and good practice cases. In addition, it aims to help guide discussions on mutually reinforcing activities and developing shared and distinct measures of success.


ECONGO is a supporting backbone


ECONGO will endeavor to serve as a supporting backbone for fostering climate literacy, knowledge, and the know-how to make informed climate decisions at every level of society. It will work closely with the Secretariat, the Parties to the Convention and Agreement, and civil society to empower individuals and communities in building capacity to address climate challenges through long term literacy, informed decision-making, and inspiring messaging and heart-felt engagement.

ECONGO COP22 morning meeting 8 November 2016
ECONGO morning meetings announced in COP22 Daily Programme

ECONGO morning meetings at COP22:

Date: from 07.11. to 18.11. (daily!)

Time: from 08:00 hrs to 09:00 hrs

Venue: Meeting room 7



Mark McCaffrey, provisional ECONGO focal point, mark.s.mccaffrey (at)

Miroslav Polzer, provisional ECONGO technical support climateecongo(at)

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Further information and engagement opportunities:

ECONGO presentation by Marc McCaffrey (provisional ECONGO focal point)

ECONGO facebook group,

google mailing group!forum/econgo

youtube channel


Download this file (ECONGO_presentation_Mark.pdf)ECONGO_presentation_Mark.pdf[ ]2555 kB

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