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Rio+20 GYMC @ UN Alliance of Civilizations Annual Forum in Doha/Qatar, 12 December 2011, 05:45 pm – 06:45 pm, Meeting Room 228 (Level 2)

From 11-13 December 2011, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is organizing its 4th Annual Forum in Doha, Qatar, in collaboration with the government of Qatar.

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IAAI has been approved to organize the Lab Session “The Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest: a project that contributes to the UNAOC goals” on

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Monday 12th December 5.45 – 6.45 PM (Meeting Room 228)

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and will be represented there by a strong team there (funded primarily through the Doha Forum Youth program) to promote the Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest as well as meet with potential partners and funding institutions and others who might agree to support the project.

Rio+20 GYMC team at the Forum

  • Jean Paul, Cameroon
  • Anam, Pakistan
  • Sandra, Croatia
  • Nadim, Qatar
  • Miroslav, Austria
  • Suresh, India
  • Mariana, Mexico
  • Abder, Burkina Faso

Event description

Lab Session 11: The Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest: a project that contributes to the UNAOC goals
The session will be an avenue to promote the Rio+20 GYMC in the Forum and will highlight its link to support the UNAOC goals. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions during an interactive discussion and bring their valuable inputs on the ongoing project.

Organized by:

The International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) Vienna/Ljubljana

(page 44 of Participants’ Book

About UN Alliance of Civilizations and its links to Rio+20 GYMC

The UNAoC was launched in 2006 by then secretary General Kofi Annan with the sponsorship of Spain and Turkey. It seeks to forge collective political will and to mobilize concerted action at institutional and civil society levels to improve understanding and cooperative relations within and between nations and peoples across cultures and religions and, in the process, to confront and mitigate tensions and conflicts as well as to counter the forces that fuel exclusion, polarization and extremism.

IAAI shares and supports fully the goals of UNAoC and has developed very good cooperation with UNAoC since its very early times.

The IAAI “Global Challenges Song World Cup” initiative which Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest is part of has been presented to the public first time at „First Alliance of Civilizations’ South East European Conference“ in Sarajevo, December 14th 2009 .

The “Global Challenges Song World Cup” initiative received very valuable inspiration and dynamics at st UN Alliance of Civilizations Summer School in Aveiro, where Miroslav Polzer, secretary general of IAAI participated as facilitator of two workshops – one on “Climate Change, Global Citizenship Ethics and the Role of Intercultural Dialogue” and one on “Establishing Links between Youth Organizations and Entertainment Industries/Celebrities/VIPs for the Effective Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue and Global Understanding”.

IAAI came in contact with some of the present key Rio+20 GYMC team members (like e.g. Jean Paul, Anam, Suresh) and we at IAAI are delighted to contribute with our Lab session to UNAoC Doha Forum.

UNAoC summer school Aveiro


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Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest

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